Programme 2020–2021

For the moment all meetings will take place online using Zoom. You will receive information by email on how to join before each event. The programme will be updated with more information as soon as practicable.

September 2020Wed 16Introduction to online meetings
Wed 23Lecture: 'The way I see it' by Chris Upton
Wed 30Last season PDI Competition 3 – entries and marks
OctoberWed 14PDI League Competition 1
Judge: Tracey McEachran
Wed 28PDI League Competition 2
Judge: John Randall
NovemberWed 11Club Social
Wed 25Lecture: 'Street to Travel' by
Kev Sandall
DecemberWed 09Club Social
Wed 16Christmas Quiz and 'Match an Image' Competition
JanuaryWed 06PDI Photo Challenge Competition
'Liquid', 'Power'
Judge: David Smith
Wed 13Workshop
'Doing what the judge said'
Wed 20An evening with Leo Rich
FebruaryWed 03PDI Photo Challenge Competition
'Odd one out', 'Mood', 'Silhouettes'
Judge: Peter Rocchiccioli
Mon 15Interclub friendly with Ludshott
Wed 17PDI League Competition 3
Judge: Andrew Mills
MarchWed 03SCPF PDI League Competition
Judge: Rob de Ruiter
Wed 17Competition
Judge: Carl Reeves
AprilWed 14Portman Competition
Judge: Jason Hyde
MayWed 05Competition
Judge: John Mitchell
Wed 19Club Social
Oliver Turnbull Trophy
JuneWed 02AGM