Programme 2020–2021

This season’s set subjects are as follows:


  • Liquid
  • Power


  • Odd One Out
  • Mood
  • Silhouettes
2020SeptemberWed 16Introduction to online meetings
Wed 23Workshop/Social
Wed 30Practice competition format
OctoberWed 14PDI Competition 1
Wed 21Workshop/Social
Wed 28Print Competition 1 (Could be PDI)
NovemberWed 11Come Judge With Me
Wed 18Workshop/Social
Wed 25SCPF PDI Competition (to be confirmed)
DecemberWed 09Workshop/Social
Wed 16Christmas Social: Match an Image
2021JanuaryWed 06Photo Challenge 2x PDI
Wed 13Right to Reply
Wed 20SCPF Print Competition (to be confirmed)
FebruaryWed 03Photo Challenge 3x Print
Wed 10Workshop 1
Mon 15Interclub Friendly at Ludshott
Wed 17PDI Competition 2
MarchWed 03Print Competition 2
Wed 10Six members present their images
Wed 17PDI Competition 3
Wed 31Workshop 2
AprilWed 14Portman Competition PDI
Wed 21Workshop 3
MayWed 05Print Competition 3
Wed 12Workshop 4
Wed 19Social: Oliver Turnbull Trophy
JuneWed 02AGM
Wed 09Annual Dinner