Petersfield Photographic Society


Competitions 2016-2017

Petersfield Photographic Society is affiliated to the Southern Counties Photographic Federation and participates in the SCPF annual league competition for prints and projected digital images (PDIs). All the current year’s competitions are listed below. At the end of the season, the club Selection Committee chooses sixteen ‘seal’ images (eight prints and eight PDIs) to compete in the SCPF league. The images will then be judged against entries from up to six competing clubs in the same league as Petersfield. The two highest-scoring clubs will move up a division whilst the two lowest-scoring move down.

During a competition evening, images are assessed and scored by a visiting judge. The maximum mark awarded is 10. Scores of 8½ and above are awarded a ‘seal’ and the author’s name is announced. At the end of the season, the two best-scoring individuals in the standard class move up and the lowest-scoring in the advanced move down.

The Selection Committee also selects six prints and eight digital images from ‘seal’ winners to represent the club in the annual SCPF exhibition.

You can find out more about the league on the Southern Counties Photographic Federation’s website.


2016-2017 Season

Petersfield Photographic Society

Print and PDI (Projected Digital Image)
Maximum submissions:

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total Submissions Possible
  Advanced Standard Advanced Standard Advanced Standard Advanced Standard
Print 3 2 3 2 3 2 9 6
PDI 3 2 3 2 3 2 9 6


Set Subject Competitions

1 Alphabet
2 Still Life
3 Creative
Judge: Paul O'Toole

1 Split Toning
2 ‘Joy’
3 ‘On the Move’
Judge: Roger Crocombe ARPS


Right to Reply

Authors are invited to respond to the judge’s comments.
Judge: John Wigley


Edward Thomas Competition

Print & PDI
Entries to portray the life and works of Edward Thomas. Members may submit up to two prints and two PDIs. Maximum mount size for prints is 50x40 cm. Prints and PDIs to have titles and a short note that describes the Edward Thomas connection. Titles and short note will be read prior to judging.
Judge: Jeff Lawrence CPAGB

Portman Trophy

Panel of three related images or ‘One Thing – Three Ways’
Judge: Glyn Edmunds APSA EPSA EFIAP/s ABIPP


The Oliver Turnbull Trophy

This trophy is for the image obtaining the most votes chosen from prints that earned seals during the year. Prints will be shown during a club social with voting by all members present.