Programme 2022–2023

This year’s photo challenges are designed to make members work hard and stretch themselves to produce outstanding images that fit within the given definitions.

Photo challenges and definitions

Wed 14 Sep 2022Club Night
Come Judge With Me
John Richards
Wed 28 Sep 2022Lecture
South Downs Park
Chris Jeffery
Wed 05 Oct 2022Print Competition 1
Judge: Dr Peter Walmsley
Wed 12 Oct 2022Lecture
Mike Browne
Wed 19 Oct 2022Workshop
Edit With Intent (1)
Vernon Nash
Wed 09 Nov 2022PDI Competition 1
Judge: Keven Sandall
Wed 16 Nov 2022SCPF Print Competition
Judge: Leo Rich
Wed 23 Nov 2022Print Photo Challenge
'On the Beach', 'Abstract Patterns', 'Footwear'
(Definitions below)
Judge: Carl Reeve
Wed 07 Dec 2022PDI Photo Challenge
'Performance Arts', 'Insects', 'Table Top'
(Definitions below)
Chris Dixon
Wed 14 Dec 2022Christmas Social
Quiz & Christmas Competition
Wed 11 Jan 2023Workshop
Close Up
Phil Jupp
Wed 18 Jan 2023SCPF PDI Competition
Judge: Peter Rocchiccioli
Wed 25 JanPDI Competition 2
Judge: Steve Kirkby
Wed 01 Feb 2023The Philosophy of your Photography
by Ian Howard
Wed 08 Feb 2023Workshop
Edit With Intent (2)
Vernon Nash
Wed 01 Mar 2023Club Night
Six members share a selection of their images
Wed 08 Mar 2023Print Competition 2
Judge: Gordon Brown
Wed 15 Mar 2023PDI Competition 3
Judge: Tracey McEachran
Wed 29 Mar 2023Workshop
Edit With Intent (3)
Vernon Nash
Wed 05 Apr 2023Portman Competition (PDI)
Judge: Brian Burden
Wed 12 Apr 2023Workshop
Flash Options
Chris Jeffery
Wed 26 Apr 2023Print Competition 3
Judge: Mike Cullis
Wed 03 May 2023Club Social
Oliver Turnbull Trophy
Wed 17 May 2023Club Night
Out and About – Photo Project
Wed 31 May 2023AGM
Wed 07 Jun 2023Annual Dinner

Photo Challenge Definitions


  1. Performance Arts One or more people actively undertaking performance entertainment e.g. playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, acting etc. This could be indoor or outdoor but the subject must clearly be in the act of performing, preferably with expression.
  2. Insects and Spiders Image  of one or more insects, each having six legs (although all legs do not need to be seen). Or of a spider or spiders.
  3. Table Top Still life image of one or more objects arranged and lit to attract the eye. 


  1. On the Beach Taken from the beach and substantially including the beach within the image
  2. Abstract Patterns A subject photographed in such a way as to reveal or enhance abstract patterns, but not a computer-generated image
  3. Footwear Where the footwear (not the wearer) is the dominant part of the image. This could be shoes, boots, sportswear etc.